Blog #10: Newsy Video

With all the negative news that normally circles around the media, it’s important to take in any good news we can get a grasp on. Research shows that owning a dog can actually lower a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as lengthen their lifetime. If you’re “not really a dog person,” maybe you should rethink that decision. The reason dogs help people have longer lives could have something to do with their affect on people’s microbiome-the bacteria that lives in our stomachs’. Growing up with a dog might also help relieve allergies and asthma in children while a dog’s dirt and slobber that gets tracked around the house could improve an adult’s immune system. Dog’s are great companions and it turns out they can improve your health and give you a longer life, as well. There’s no going wrong when it comes to adopting a dog, if you ask me.


Blog #9

After exploring, it’s clear that the website is dedicated to bringing light to what’s going on in the world right now-good or bad, including politics, shootings, immigrants, and even movie stars. If you want to know about the latest new involving Donald Trump or any political matter, this website seems to be the place to go. seems to have a diverse list of categories that are all equally important in our world today. Most of the topics seem to be hard news topics-sex scandals, drugs, laws, etc. It seems that a lot of news outlets seem to avoid that kind of news today, but seems to only include those kinds of news stories, which in my opinion is very important in order for us to learn more about our world and hopefully work towards a better future. I would definitely go back to this website on my own time if I ever need to get caught up in what’s going on in the world and I think others should as well.

Blog #8: Hyperlocal news

Hyperlocal news is essentially information oriented around a well-define community, its primary focus on the concerns of the community. After reading some articles about hyperlocal news, it’s evident that it’s very difficult to make money in this business. There has even been talk on getting volunteer journalists for hyperlocal news. After skimming a few articles, I wonder why it’s so hard for hyperlocal news to make money if its main focus is on the concerns of the population of a community. It seems like something like this would be more popular and might actually make money. I would like to find out more about hyperlocal news since I’ve never even heard the name before and figure out why it has so much trouble making money especially when there are so many communities who have dozens of concerns. Surely, the people in the business of hyperlocal news have plenty of places to collect information and plenty of people to gather news from.

Blog #7: Photojournalism

It seems that there is quite some conflict in our world when it comes to global warming and climate change. For my photojournalist assignment, I’d like to point out why global warming and climate change are very much real and why they matter when it comes to our world. I would like to bring even the most simple signs of global warming and climate change to light and explain why our world needs to do more to prevent causing even more damage to our world through the things that cause global warming. Many people don’t seem to realize the effects of global warming and how bad it has already gotten. Global warming isn’t something that you should be skeptical on. It isn’t a matter of an opinion but people seem to treat it that way. Within the last two months, many places have been hit by category four or five hurricanes, wiped out from earthquakes, and destroyed by fire. These could all be signs of global warming and we all need to come together to bring an end to it, or at least quit adding fuel to the fire.

Blog #6: Service Journalism

Even if you’re not a world traveler, most people take the occasional trip. And let’s face it, most people need help when it comes to what to pack and how to pack it. If you’ve been stuffing you’re clothes in a bag a few hours before you leave for your trip like I’ve been doing for the majority of my life and arriving to your destination only to realize you haven’t come properly prepared, well… there’s probably a better way to go about that. I want to write my story on clothing and other essentials that everyone travelling in the fall or winter should pack in their suitcase. I also want to include tips and tricks on how to fit everything you need into a standard suitcase without having to go out and spend a few hundred bucks on a bigger one. I think this could help travelers, even the one’s who are only taking a trip a few hours away, who aren’t so great at packing.

Blog #5

Between school, work, and evacuating the state due to an impending hurricane, I’ve realized there’s not always a lot of time to find somebody to interview, but like journalists, I still had to make it work. Something came up for the girl I was originally supposed to interview so I had to come up with another person quickly. I ended up choosing a friend of my mother’s. There’s nothing extraordinary about her. She’s a normal woman with a normal job and that’s what the interview ended up being about: her job. Most people think you need some extraordinary and exciting story but I believe the ordinary is just as important as well at times. The ordinary is realistic and relate-able. Even if something seems ordinary, however, one simply has too look a little deeper to find something miraculous within it. I think many people will relate to the daily struggles of a 9-5 job but many will also be surprised to learn that there can be some good in a 9-5 as well.

Blog Post #4

I prepared for the interview by selecting a series of questions such as “what advice would you give to anyone?” and “what is your biggest struggle or setback at the moment?” I wrote down my questions before asking the person I decided to interview in order to keep the interview at a steady pace. The person I decided to interview was an acquaintance of mine that I wanted to know more about. I selected this person because they’re in my life but I never got the chance to get to know them or their story. The goal I had in mind while interviewing this person was to get to their story and find out what essentially makes them human. Challenges that I faced while interviewing this person consisted of struggling to find out their story in a decent amount of time. Though, I found that when asking this person more in depth questions, the answers were more in depth as well, therefore, reaching the story that I was after.

The Kind of Person I Would Interview

I don’t have anyone in particular that I want to interview. However, I do know that I would like to interview someone with a story. Lucky for me, everyone has a story. Even if it takes some digging to get to. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Humans of New York and the guy behind it: Brandon Stanton. If you’re not, he’s essentially a photo journalist who goes around New York and now various other places around the world and interviews normal people going about their day. He somehow manages to get a deep, meaningful story from an otherwise normal looking person that one might not have thought twice of before. Through Stanton’s interviews, he brings the world closer together when he posts them on social media, showing that people aren’t all that different after all. A homeless man living on the street and a business man on the way to his office might have a similar story.

Stanton gets people to tell him their biggest secrets in a matter of minutes. I would love to conduct interviews similar to that, showing the world that we all have stories that aren’t all that different in the end. I would ask questions like: “what advice would you give?” or “what’s your biggest struggle?” I think questions similar to those get past the small talk quickly and allow someone to speak more truthfully about themselves while simultaneously showing the honesty of humanity.

My Introduction

As someone who has always been interested in writing, majoring in Mass Communications came to me as a great opportunity to combine what I love with an eventual career. Since I was young, I’ve been intrigued by stories and films and their ways of communicating to the world. The media tells the world how we’re supposed to feel, what we’re supposed to care about, and what the most important occurrence at the moment is even if most of us don’t realize it. Mass Communications and what the media sends out to the world is important and that’s one of the reasons I chose it as my major. I believe the media today and its methods of communicating to the world has a vast impact on the way our society is and will be developed and formed. Aside from writing, I enjoy photography and fashion. I hope to integrate all of my interests together in the future and potentially make a career out of it. I look forward to learning and developing skills in this class.